Water Aerobics for Osteoporosis

Water aerobics is a great low impact exercise for osteoporosis sufferers. Exercising in water lowers risk of injury normally related to osteoporosis. Water aerobics exercises improve coordination without the threat of falling. Water aerobic exercises necessitate more effort and produce better muscle development, which helps to support bones, in contrast to comparable movements done out of water.

The water's buoyancy provides a situation where the body is supported and allows participants to rest during a class. This allows an increased endurance level and places the body under less stress. The viscosity of water provides resistance against movement; muscles get stronger and stamina is increased. The increased muscle strength, gained from water aerobics, helps to prevent fractures of bones; while an improved sense of balance can significantly reduce falls.

“[Water Aerobics] can be useful in cases of extreme osteoporosis, during rehabilitation following a fracture or for only increasing aerobic capacity.”
-Mayo Clinic