Water Aerobics for Fibromyalgia

“Water aerobics is the easiest workout for people with fibromyalgia pain;” this is according to a WebMD article. Water aerobics is a great work out for people suffering from fibromyalgia pain. This is due to the buoyancy of water which allows you ease of movement with low impact on the body. Increasing blood flow is essential to reducing fibromyalgia symptoms and enhancing quality of life. Warm water adds comfort increasing the blood flow to muscles and tendons making water aerobics an effective fibromyalgia exercise. Water aerobics improves muscle strength, lowers morning muscle stiffness, decreases potential injury risks, and positively impacts sleeping patterns; all while lessening pain. Water aerobics is also an excellent exercise for fibromyalgia sufferers because it lowers stress and is beneficial for emotional and physical well-being.

Water aerobics appears to add more effectiveness and value to exercise routines as it facilitates the cushioning of muscles while supporting the body, increasing resistance, and lowering the workload required by the muscles to gain the desired effects. Water aerobics reduces pain perception and aids in relaxation.