Water Aerobics Benefits

Water aerobics is beneficial for many reasons. First, water aerobics is performed in water, which makes it a low-impact exercise. Second, water aerobics is an activity that focuses on range of motion and strength building. Third, water aerobics is a cardiovascular exercise that can assist with weight control.

Water, simply stated, makes you lighter. This is due to the natural buoyancy of water. Say a person weighs 120 pounds on land. That same person will experience their weight around 24 pounds in water. Water aerobics allows one to perform exercises while placing very little weight on the joints.

Another wonderful aspect of water is its supportive property. Water is naturally supportive. If you lose your footing on land, gravity will take over and you will most likely fall and injure yourself. In water there is no need to worry about falling, water will not allow you to, it will support you throughout all your exercises, allowing you to perform exercises in water you may be too anxious to attempt while on land.

Water aerobics is fantastic at building strength as water offers natural resistance. Try bringing your palms together at chest level, pretty easy, right? Try this same exercise in water and it becomes more difficult. The reason being is that water is about 12 to 14 times as dense as air. Any exercise done in water is going to be more effective at building strength than if you had done the same exercise on land. Due to the natural resistance of water, exercises such as walking in water can burn twice as many calories an hour than walking on land.

Water aerobics can be performed by almost everyone. So join a class and start exercising!