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Neoprene Fingerless Force Gloves


SKU: 83700

Great aqua swim glove
Don a pair of Neoprene Finger Force Aqua Gloves and instantly add resistance to any upper body workout. The unique zipper closure and locking system of the glove ensures a secure fit through the entire length of your routine. Neoprene on the palm of the glove provides increased grip.

• Constructed of durable Neoprene.
• Aqua gloves are available in five color-coded sizes

X-Small - Yellow
Small - Teal
Medium - Blue
Large - Black
X-Large - Navy

Price: $15.95

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Nice Water Aerobic Gloves

Great gloves! I use these aqua gloves during my aqua fitness routines and I just love them! I especially like the zipper on the side. The zipper makes it easier to take of wet gloves at the end of my pool session. I would recommend these aqua gloves to others that want to add a bit more resistance to their workout.