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A great item for water aerobics classes
The AquaJogger Web Pro Glove is the perfect tool for anyone looking to add resistance and intensity to their upper body workouts. The Web Pro Glove is ideal for use in a variety of popular upper body water aerobics routines. Vary the intensity of your workout by cupping or flexing the aqua gloves’ webbed fingers.

• Gloves feature anti-microbial fabric
• Durable Lycra stretch material fits like a second skin
•Comes as a pair(2) of swim gloves

Price: $19.95

Exercise Tips

Try this during your water aerobics exercises.
You can vary the level of resistance while using the AquaJogger Web Pro Aqua Gloves. By spreading your fingers you attain maximum resistance. You may also try cupping your hands for medium resistance and closing your hands into fists for minimum resistance.

Low Price Guarantee

We want our customers to feel positive that they are receiving the best value from us. If within 14 days of your purchase, you notice a lower price for the same style, size and color at another online retail store, just let us know and we will refund you the difference. (Shipping fees will be applied to refund).


Water aerobics gloves

I love that I don't have to take these gloves off when I use other equipment like dumbbells or noodles. I can vary the resistance by opening and closing my fingers during exercises. I am very happy with these gloves.