AquaJogger is the original aquajogging equipment manufacturer. They make a variety of water aerobics equipment including aqua belts, water dumbbells, water aerobics shoes and accessories. We are very pleased to offer water aerobics equipment from Aquajogger at our shop. We hope you enjoy using their water aerobics gear.

Aquajogger Mesh Bag
AquaJogger Water Workout DVD
AquaJogger Web Pro Aqua Glove
AquaJogger Active Aqua Belt
AquaJogger ActiveBells
AquaJogger Active Value Pack
AquaJogger AquaFit Bells
AquaJogger AquaFit Pro Bells
AquaJogger Sqoodle - Water Noodle
AquaJogger Aquarunners RX
AquaJogger Classic Aqua Belt
AquaJogger Delta Bells Medium
AquaJogger Delta Bells Pro
AquaJogger Fit Aqua Belt
AquaJogger Modules
AquaJogger Pro Aqua Belt
AquaJogger Pro Plus Aqua Belt
AquaJogger Shape Aqua Belt
AquaJogger Shape Pro Aqua Belt Flat
AquaJogger TriFit Bar 30"
AquaJogger TriFit Max Bar
AquaJogger X-Cuffs